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Established in 1854, the historic cemeteries in the 600 block of
West Arkansas in Arlington, Texas, began as:

  • Mill Branch Cemetery - 1850s - 1950s
      Located in the eastern portion of the cemetery site, this is the
      resting place for the Eli Ford Family and other pioneers,
      including the Middleton Tate Johnson family.

  • Middleton Tate Johnson Family Cemetery - mid 1850s - 1950s
      The Father of Tarrant County, M. T. Johnson, passed away
      in 1866 and was buried in the State Cemetery in Austin.
      In 1870, his remains were relocated to the Mill Branch
      cemetery.  In 1936, his grave site was marked with a
      Centennial Marker by the Texas Historic Commission.
      In the 1950s, the Johnson family requested that a portion
      of the cemetery be renamed to Middle Tate Johnson
      Family Cemetery.

  • Arlington Colored Cemetery - 1900 - 1950s
      Located on the western portion of the cemetery, this was the
      only place in Arlington where African American residents
      could  purchase burial plots.  Alma Johnson is the earliest
      identified burial in 1916.
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