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Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds Corporation
Arlington Cemeteries Committee
Michael Glaspie - Andy Nguyen - Lana Wolff, Alternate
Research Subcommittee

Dawn Youngblood, PhD, Chair
Mark Dellenbaugh
Cecelia Gilbreath
Richard Greene
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Pete Jacobs
Geraldine Mills
Bill Perdue

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Sharon Croxton
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Design Subcommittee

Terry Bertrand, DEdMin, Chair
Kenny Kowis
The following committee members have devoted hundreds of hours researching records, promoting the
importance of the project, and planning for the restoration and preservation of these historic grounds.
Middleton Tate Johnson, the Father of Tarrant County, was born in 1810
in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  During his youth, his family moved to
Georgia.  In 1839, Middleton and his wife, Vienna, moved to Shelby
County, Texas.

Middleton Tate Johnson passed away in 1866 and was buried in the
State Cemetery in August.  In 1870, his remains were relocated to Mill
Branch Cemetery.  

In 1936 Middleton's grave site was marked with a Centennial Marker
by the Texas Historic Commission.

In the 1950's, the Johnson family requested that a portion of the
cemetery be renamed to Middleton Tate Johnson Family Cemetery.
Father of Tarrant County
Geraldine Mills, Arlington Historical Society, planted the seed and brought to light the importance of the cemeteries on the 600 block of West
Arkansas Lane, Arlington, Texas.  The seed was recognized as a significant portion of Arlington history that was being overlooked.  Joining
Arlington Historical Society in the effort to restore and preserve Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds are the City of Arlington, Tarrant
County, Tarrant County Historical Society, private businesses and individuals.
All information is based upon the research of historical records and interviews with reliable sources.
If you have information that contradicts or augments any of the website information, we urge you to contact us.