Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds Corporation

A Texas Charitable Non-Profit Corporation organized to restore and preserve the historic cemeteries of Arlington, Texas.


Dedication Ceremony
May 12, 2023

A Special Thank You to Mrs. Sharon Croxton

Members of the Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds Committee gathered at the Fielder House Musuem for a reception in honor of Mrs. Sharon Croxton.  Sharon and her late husband, Harry Croxton, were instrumental in the efforts to restore this historic cemetery and bring recognition to those who rest here.  Sharon is moving to Florida to be closer to family.  Please join us in thanking her and wishing her all the best in this next chapter.  

In February 2021, column structures were completed and the new gates installed. Progress is underway at the Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds.

We Cannot Erase History: Honoring Our Past

Purchase tickets for the 2021 Harry M. Croxton Anniversary Dinner and Fundraiser
May 17 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

El Primo’s in Mansfield

The Harry M. Croxton Anniversary Champagne Happy Hour Fundraiser


Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds Corporation
held the Harry M. Croxton Anniversary Champagne
Happy Hour fundraiser at Mercury Chophouse in
Arlington on October 23, 2019.


Chaplain Rich Stoglin was MC for the  event and the speakers included Mayor Jeff Williams. Geraldine Mills who has worked diligently since 2004 on the cemetery project spoke the names of many who are buried there.

Terry Bertrand, Kenny Kowis, and Jim Sparks enlightened guests regarding the design, construction, and budget. Deputy Mayor Pro Tempore, Victoria Farrar-Meyers graced the room with a hearty toast to all who have supported this important project.

Attendees received commemorative champagne flutes filled with the best from Mercury Chophouse, enjoyed an array of hors d’oeuvres and the opportunity to dine at a discounted rate.

Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds was the beneficiary of the generosity of those in attendance and of others who could not be there.

Pictured: Mayor Jeff Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Avery, Chaplain Rich Stoglin, and Mrs. Rich Stoglin.

Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds Corporation, a Texas Charitable Nonprofit Corporation
organized under the provisions of Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), was formed for the
purpose of enabling the restoration and preservation of the historic cemeteries in Arlington, Texas.

The Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds are located in the 600 block of West Arkansas Lane.  
Take a drive by and you will note that these historic grounds have declined into disrepair over the
years.  This is a significant part of the history of Arlington, Texas that cannot be forgotten.

Much work and an untold number of hours have been dedicated to this project by the Arlington
Historical Society and its many volunteers including representatives from the City of Arlington and
Tarrant County.   Specifically, Geraldine Mills was instrumental in bringing the importance
of this project to the forefront. Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds Corporation is hoping to assist
in a meaningful way.  Visit the Arlington Historical Society website here:

In preparation for restoration and preservation of the Memorial Grounds, extensive research of land
records, burial records and others have resulted in a reliable list of the names of those buried
there.  Land work, including surveying, platting, and permitting are underway.

Design elements for the basis of the restoration are complete, including the selection of a fence,
gates, and locations of sidewalks.  

These historic cemeteries will be restored to the condition that represents their historical
significance to the City of Arlington, Tarrant County and the descendants of those buried there.

The entire site will be surrounded by an ornamental fence that is eight feet tall.  The fence will sit on
a concrete curb that will enhance landscape maintenance and security.  Walkways will wind through
the cemeteries, providing visitors a welcoming and convenient path throughout.  Benches will be
conveniently located throughout for those who need a moment for meditation
or rest.  Existing grave markers will be restored and new markers will be installed where there are
none.  The site is intended to reflect its significant history and provide a welcoming place
for descendants, students, citizens of Arlington and all who wish to visit.

600 W Arkansas Ln, Arlington, TX 76010

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All information is based upon the research of historical records and interviews with reliable sources.
If you have information that contradicts or augments any of the website information, we urge you to contact us.